Sunday, April 26, 2009

some new additions

the new trailer....looking good..

and the new cook line taking shape..

and a new fleet additions.......she's a beaut!


hey all...

so first of all, a big thanks to the people of west seattle, west seattle blog, and lora and the hotwire crew...Was a busy day...

so what is happening this week...well we should be finishing up the second trailer (nice work parker, justin and crew)..the hood just went in and we are now finishing wiring/equipment install etc. It is pretty exciting and she is going to be beautiful.

the walk up window is in the final stages of the processes with the HD, so that is good..i am hoping for approval this week, but we will see.

bacon jam...still searching for a USDA kitchen..just very difficult and I am not sure where to go from here..but will keep on trying to find the kitchen needed for getting bacon jam to the world.

and food cravings for the coming weeks...crispy fried chicken with apple celeriac slaw/ water chestnut, plum sauce, galangal, spicy pickled cabbage and shortrib lettuce wraps

also...we start with mariners games next home stand...
thinking a menu of
burger/fries, lemongrass pork belly sammy, pickled cabbage slaw/fries....fried spaghetti sandwich, ...poo.....a dessert ..

more later...cheers!

skillet crew

Friday, April 17, 2009

new SOLU location I think this ones official

on wednesdays, we'll now be at cascade peoples park at 309 pontius ave in front of the cascade peoples center...

we are so excited to be working with them and helping out wherever we can..

thanks tim soerens and stephanie green for taking the lead on this..

see you at the park on wednesday!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

this weeks stuff


the menu for the week..

-the burger..

-an awesome thom kha soup with straw mushrooms, garlic shoots and rice

-at least for monday...the trout with fingerling potato salad, red onions, sauce gribiche

-panini with locally made culatello, provolone, arugula, chimichurri, apples good bread

-rhubarb upside down cake...creme fraiche...compote

and some other surprises throughout the week... ordering will be back up later this week...

and we are still looking for folks to join the skillet crew in anticipation of the walk up window and the second trailer..

thanks y'all...and have great week...

we'll be in touch..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

eastside locations

Hey all...

so we are looking for eastside locations again..

hopefully shooting for late may as a start date...We are committing to microsoft at least 1-2 days a week, and are looking for a downtown bellevue location, a woodinville weekend location, a factoria location..

so it will be some thing like...

Mond; Bothell
Tue; microsoft campus
wed; downtown bellevue
thurs; microsoft/redmond?
friday; factoria
saturday; woodinville or???
sunday woodinville or??

any suggestions or location offerings...let us know...


Sunday, April 5, 2009

tax man

also....wanted to remind everyone that with the change in the tax rate we are having to charge tax now...we have been "eating" it so to speak...and it is an unfortunate reality that we are having to change with our economic times...

we are sorry that this has too happen and appreciate your understanding ...


iphone app

we are needing to create a system in which we are able to take orders from our customers, and have it print in the trailer kitchen.... basically an 
our thought is that it would be a very cool iphone app where restaurants could potentially have a web based POS system...through iphones or PDA's.........any takers on the freelance gig?...

send an email to me...jh


Saturday, April 4, 2009


Hey all


-so...a couple of things...

we will be starting west seattle on the the

key bank parking lot next to the farmers market.


-Event season is starting up and our dates are starting to book up…we will have 2 trailers this summer, so double the fun!


-also, with the change in the tax rate we are really forced to look at our costs. Unfortunately, We are going to have to start charging tax on our food. We aren't going to do pennies, but will round down to the next nickel. We know it is frustrating, and we have been “eating” it so to speak for the past year….but we are unable to afford that anymore….thanks for understanding…





menu for next week...


online ordering will be down for a couple of days, thanks for your patience

the burger

grass fed beef, cambazola, arugula, bacon jam, brioche, handcut FF


potato fennel soup with house made crème fraiche



skillet cheesesteak, grass fed beef, fontina and

provolone fonduta,

sweet peppers and onions, soft roll


 house smoked Idaho trout with dijon and caper

Vinaigrette, and panzanella style salad,


chocolate and puff pastry





handcut FF, herbs, gravy, cheddar and jack cheese



Thursday, April 2, 2009

pictures from the trailer remodel

here is the latest picture stream from the trailer remodel...

skillet update...
Hey skillet nation !!

hey y'all... schedule update for tomorrow.....

so we are going to be serving up lunch at a new location on fridays.  We will be in the parking lot next to key arena on the corner of 1st and republican  map link
(is only .3 miles from big fish...)

thanks also to big fish, clearchannel, F5, and holland america for being great fans while we were there..

additionally we are probably going to be moving away from our sunday fremont experiment and looking for a west seattle location... probably shooting for the 19th of the month

Fridays 11-2
1st and repub

Saturdays  11-2
columbia city map

Sundays 11-2
fremont map